MIFA Contract Negotiations Updates

Update 2/3/21

Update 5/26/21

Update 7/23/21

11/1/21: Interest arbitration has been confirmed for January 3-4, 2022. There will be little to no new information until the hearing.

12/7/21: The Union and the Company are working towards getting all of the tentatively agreed upon proposals implemented prior to the interest arbitration hearing over the remaining subcontracting language. Due to this, the Company requested postponement of the hearing as the urgency is reduced by implementing the pay increases and other provisions. Our goal is to have this finalized as soon as possible and then we will have solidified dates on implementation.

12/22/21: The TA'd proposals have been executed and the Company is processing retro checks for the wage increases.


Election Results 7/17/20



Frontier Bankruptcy Hearing Update 7/21/20

As predicted, other than the unions and the US Trustee, all objectors to the PBIP, except for the US Trustee and the Unions, withdrew their objections after the debtors tweaked the program. I advised the Court that we were maintaining our objection and made a statement on the record summarizing the reasons for the objection. The Judge was interested in our concerns about Frontier reducing or eliminating bargaining unit members as a result of the inflated payments to executives.  He asked a few follow-up questions about upcoming contract negotiations and noted that if the company attempted to reduce, or refused to increase, salaries the union could remind that company that it paid millions of dollars to the executives during the bankruptcy proceedings. In the end, the Judge approved the PBIP.

I want to specifically draw your attention to pages 52-56 and 79-80 in which the proceeding addressed the union’s concerns. You will see that the court suggests that the unions can push back on the company, noting the incentive payments, if the company were to attempt to reduce the workforce or balk against increased salary or benefits.

- Robert Prunn, Director, Broadcasting & Telecommunications IBEW

Download 2020.07.16 - Hearing Transcript (KEIP).pdf



 Anthem/Parview Negotiations 7/31/20

On 7/30/20 Parkview and Anthem reached an agreement on a multiyear contract.

Link to Parvkiew Informational Site




Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic the Local has adopted policy that will allow for the use of videoconferencing for meetings when necessary. Microsoft Teams has many features outside of videoconferencing that we can use to assist with our internal communication as well. We are inviting every active member to sign up so that we have a single point of efficient communication amongst everyone.

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